Thursday, July 1, 2010

New York Forum“When you are fearless, you innovate”

New York Forum“When you are fearless, you innovate”: "“When you are fearless, you innovate”

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With iPads and BlackBerrys in hand, floods of people poured into the Nature of Innovation panel. The discussion, moderated by Forbes’s National Editor Quentin Hardy, attracted many different participants from media outlets to entrepreneurs.

After offering a concrete definition for innovation as “a positive encounter with difference” Hardy posed a series of open-ended questions such as: “ How ready are we for change” and “How do we spot positive difference.”

The panelists highlighted three keys factors to consider when innovating for a company. 1. The current culture of the company. 2. Timing. 3. Understanding the specific problem you are trying to solve. If a company can consider all of these factors before launching a new idea they will likely be more successful."